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Digital Painting Commission of Hip Hop's Biggest Icons

Thank you so much Andrea for commissioning me to paint this collage of hip hop artists for your boyfriend’s birthday! I haven’t listened to many of these artists in a long time, so it was nostalgic and fun to revisit some old classics. ✌️ Hmm, this is probably why I enjoy painting musicians.

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Custom Portrait of Four Brothers

Thank you Michael for commissioning me to create this! This painting is a 90th birthday gift for one of four brothers.

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Pencil Portrait Commission for Erin

My latest pencil portrait commission is complete! Thank you Erin for coming to me for this piece, I really enjoyed drawing it. This piece is 14 x 17” in size on 80 lb Strathmore 400 series drawing paper. I love drawing at this size because it allows for lots of little details! Process work is posted below.

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