Digital Painting Commission of Hip Hop's Biggest Icons



Thank you so much Andrea for commissioning me to paint this collage of hip hop artists for your boyfriend’s birthday! I haven’t listened to many of these artists in a long time, so it was nostalgic and fun to revisit some old classics. ✌️ Hmm, this is probably why I enjoy painting musicians.

This piece is 11 x 14” in size and was ordered as a digital painting, which Andrea is getting printed and framed. She brought her partner into the printing decision-making process, whereas some clients prefer to keep the entire process a surprise! How do you handle gift-giving with the people you love- do you have a hard time containing your excitement, or do you prefer to keep it a secret to catch their genuine reaction?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks as always for visiting!


The initial sketch was done with black ink on a white background, so that it’s easy to plan the arrangement of faces in this portrait collage.


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