Pet Portraits

We get it, doggies are cute- but why paint pets? +

Pets are not just animals, they're family! Why not appreciate or commemorate that pet's life with a special gift, the same way you would for a person?

I've been selling hand-painted portraits for over 10 years now. Painting custom artwork has always been my passion, as there's nothing more rewarding than the joy and excitement these paintings bring my clients when they receive their unique artwork. Whether you're interested in getting a pet portrait as a gift, for a pet memorial, for holidays and special occasions, or just because your pet deserves it- I would love to help you!

Do you only do digital art? +

The custom artwork I offer is all DIGITAL, DOWNLOADABLE art.

Creating art and portraits digitally is what allows me to keep costs low, as the only fees you will be covering are for my time, not for materials, printing, shipping and handling. You no longer need to wait weeks for a fragile painting to arrive! Within minutes of the final art being emailed to you, you can print it at home, upload it to your favourite print shop, or any other printing service.

I do sell originals in pencil and other traditional art mediums, however they're usually of my personal projects and will be posted on my blog when they're for sale. However these are much more time consuming and expensive to create, therefore they have a much higher price point than my digital works.

I do not offer prints just yet, however I provide you with a digital download file that you can use to custom print your artwork any way you like! This grants you more freedom, flexibility, efficiency and cost-savings by allowing you to decide how the final art is printed.

What do I get? +

Upon completion, you will receive a set of DIGITAL FILES. You will be emailed:

1) Print-ready PDF file: one high resolution digital painting, sized 11 x 14" by default, including bleed/trim marks.

2) Print-ready JPG file: one high resolution digital painting, can be used as a backup as some print shops don't accept PDFs.

Please be aware, NO physical product is shipped in this order.

What's your process like? +

You can follow the steps below, or we can chat about it through email first!

We discuss which pet(s) you'd like to get painted- this is my favourite stage as I get to learn all about your fur baby.

Before starting your painting, email the following to

  • Three or more LARGE, bright and CLEAR/NOT-BLURRY pics of the pet(s) you'd like painted.
  • Information about the pet(s) BREED, COAT COLOUR and AGE -even information about their personality/demeanour helps!
  • Preferred background colours, if any.

A 50% deposit is due when your order is placed, and you don’t have to pay the remaining 50% until you’ve seen and approved the final artwork.

Based on the photos you provide me, I propose a layout for the portrait including the pet's pose, background treatment, and orientation (i.e. landscape or portrait).

This is where we can experiment the most! I send over a mockup, and with your approval can move on to the next stage. This digital proof is important so that you'll know right from the beginning what direction the piece is going in.

Please note that changing photos or compositional elements (i.e. I want this to be vertically oriented and not horizontal) is NOT allowed after receiving the digital proof, as this can take hours to create. You can request as many changes as you'd like to the digital proof until you are 100% satisfied, but beyond that point, I cannot accommodate any major revisions without charging an additional fee per hour.

I begin sketching and painting the final version of your portrait. You’ll receive photo updates of the painting progress as I go, so there's lots of opportunity to give feedback!

Payment isn’t due until you’ve seen and approved the final piece. After that you will receive your high-resolution, print-ready final files.

After you approve of the final painting and have sent the other 50% of payment, I will email you ALL digital files included in this package (print ready JPG + PDF).

That's it!

After this point, I love to keep in touch with clients and see where the art goes once it's in your hands! It's always exciting to see pictures of my portraits hung up in their new home, and it's especially exciting to see printed portraits with the original pet subject right next to it! Feel free to send me as many of these images as you'd like, as they're inspiring for me.

How do I place an order? +

You can place an order through the form on my contact page, or by emailing me directly.

All of my portraits are painted digitally, meaning that you will receive a digital file that you can print anywhere you like. Digital files are sized 11 x 14 inches by default.

That means all you have to do when ordering is specify how many pets you'd like in a single painting.

What payment methods do you accept? +

I prefer e-transfers, but you can pay online invoices directly with credit card (VISA/MasterCard) or Apple Pay, as well as PayPal.

How long does it take? +

Processing times (from ordering/submitting payment to receiving the final digital files) are as follows:

  • For one portrait with 1 pet: 1 week
  • For one portrait with 2 pets: 1-2 weeks
  • For one portrait with 3 pets: 2 weeks
  • For one portrait with 4 pets: 2-3 weeks
  • For one portrait with 5 pets: 3-4 weeks (depending on the complexity of the composition)

Do you do rush orders? +

Whenever possible I do my best to accomodate rush orders. Contact me beforehand to see if this is possible given my current work schedule.

Please note that there is an additional rush fee of 75% for jobs that need to be turned around within 2-3 days.

Meaning if you ordered a single pet portrait, sized 11 x 14 for $150, the rush fee would be an additional $112.50, making your total $262.50.