weAR is an augmented reality mobile app developed for the purpose of trying and buying glasses, all in one place. This application was designed to solve many consumer pain points when shopping for glasses, including not being able to try products from online stores that don’t have a physical retail location, and not being able to see what glasses look like on you when you’re farsighted. Leveraging pre-existing user behaviours, this app feels more like a Snapchat or Instagram social media camera than a bulky online store.

At AccessAR, I was the co-founder and Chief Product Officer for weAR’s development. My partner and I bootstrapped the development of our IP and built two MVPs for both Android and the newest iPhone X/iPad using their face-tracking technology. I collaborated with our advisors, CTO, engineers and product designers to ensure milestones were met and builds were completed on time and to spec. I provided countless demos and hosted guest talks about the development of this technology, and the impact AR could have on fashion e-commerce.



Co-founder & Chief Product Officer


Android, iOS + Web


Unity, Xcode, WebGL, Asana, Slack


Key Features

Function and ease of use was critical to a successful user experience. We researched existing design trends with mobile e-commerce apps and eyewear brands, and applied that same aesthetic to a very utilitarian feeling application, where the functionality is minimal but powerful. It was important to us that users could quickly try, save, re-try, share and buy the styles that they wanted, directly in the app- which no other eyewear app has done before.