Returns & Exchanges


Due to the nature of the product, the Artist does not provide refunds for the artwork itself. If the Client is unhappy with the painting, the Artist will work with them to ensure their feedback has been considered and incorporated into the final work.

If the Artist is unable to complete the agreed upon project due to medical or emergency issues, or if the Artist has not start work on the project yet, the Client will be reimbursed in full.

Payment Policies

Only pay 40% upfront, then pay the remaining 60% after final invoice

The Client must purchase or e-transfer the amount necessary to cover their 40% of their portrait fee, also known as a retainer. This is to secure the Artist’s time in her calendar.

The remaining 60% is due within 30 days of receiving the final invoice. This happens at the end of the project, once the Artist emails a low-resolution version of the final, approved painting. Once payment is received in full, the Artist will immediately email all files or print and ship all packages.



In the event that the Client still wishes to cancel the project after paying the 40% retainer, they will be fully reimbursed if they email the Artist within 14 days of receipt of payment. Outside of those 14 days, the Artist cannot reimburse the retainer.

The Client is committed to paying the remaining 60% if they cancel the project AFTER approving the sketch and moving onto the rendering/painting phase.


Failure to pay in full

Once the final invoice has been sent, the Client has to pay in full within 30 days from when the invoice was sent, unless otherwise stated in a written agreement (such as a payment plan). If after this time there is no payment and no response, the artist has full rights to sell or use the portrait for advertising.


Booking + lead times

The Artist recommends Clients plan to order portraits AT LEAST 1 month ahead of the date they need them by, so that they can allow time for getting their portrait printed.

It’s never too soon to get in touch and see what the Artist’s availability is like for the coming weeks or months.

Photo Requirements

The Artist is not responsible for any major inaccuracies if the Client sends photos that fall under the "Don't" list below. 

See the Artist’s guide for How to Photograph Your Pet for a Painting for more visual examples.



  • Share high quality photos that are sharp and in focus (if you zoom in, does it immediately look pixelated?)

  • Send larger size images, preferably over 1600 pixels on it’s longest side

  • Send original, unedited images (RAW files are ideal, PNG’s and JPG’s are also great)

  • Capture natural/well lit photos, preferably taken by window light or outdoor in the shade/on an overcast day

  • Take photos from the right distance, usually around 1 to 2ft away for the pet (depending on the desired portrait style of the painting- close up, bust shot, full body, etc)

  • Get down on your pets level and try not to be angled too far above or below them, unless you want a dramatic look

  • Frame the shot so your pet is centered or at least doesn’t have important areas like their face cut off by the edge of the frame



  • Send low quality, blurry or pixelated photos

  • Take photos with flash on, creating a red-eye effect

  • Edit or compress images with filters or Photoshopping of any kind

  • Send images with dark lighting or shadows that make your pet’s markings/colour/silhouette hard to see accurately

  • Send screenshots or photos taken of screens

  • Take photos too far away to capture your pet’s details (preferably remain within 3ft)

  • Submit photos of your pet’s eyes closed, or with anything obscuring your pet’s face and most important features

  • Submit photos of your pet sleeping (I prefer to capture animals when they’re awake, alert and at their best)

Advertising & Marketing Policy

Social media permissions + reprints

The Artist retains the right to use photos of artwork for advertising and marketing purposes in print, online and at events.  

If the Client provides consent via email or direct message for the Artist to share their image on social media during its creation, the Artist is not responsible for any damages caused by the Client changing their mind after content has been posted.

The Artist has the right to make and sell prints or duplicates of any custom artwork.

Thanks for reading! Still have questions?